Wine Region Tour

Wine Region Tour

09:00 pick up from Majestic Hotel

After a drive along the coast, the journey takes you alongside Skadar Lake, and you will be surprised by picturesque town called Rijeka Crnojevića, which is often called Montenegrin Venice, a tiny town famous for the first Cyrillic book printed there. In Rijeka Crnojevića starts our boat trip,where you will enjoy in friendly atmosphere, by having Montenegrin traditional snack (home made “priganice” , a deep -fried confection, somewhat like a "doughnut hole”, organic honey, home made cheese, home made juice and well-known traditional brandy).

Skadar Lake, Balkan’s biggest lake and home to some of the most celebrated panoramas in a country renowned for its wild, natural beauty, Lake Skadar has been a protected National Park since 1983, was added, in 1996, to the World's List of Wetlands of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention and in late 2011, was formally nominated for UNESCO heritage status. Many Montenegrins regard this area as their country's heart and soul. The lake's waters are home to over 30 species of fresh-water fish, among them succulent trout, meaty saran and the local speciality, carp.

Virpazar. This tiny town, gathered around a square and a river blanketed with water lilies, serves as the main gateway to Lake Skadar National Park. Virpazar may be a small speck on the map now, but it was once considered so strategically important that the occupying Turks built a large fortress on the hill looming above the village. After their downfall, Virpazar became an important trading town (pazar means marketplace) with a lively port; in the early 1900s, it was connected to Bar by Montenegro's first narrow-gauge railway. From Virpazar we continue our ride to grape growing region of Montenegro, known as Crmnica. Wine cellars of small private wineries are the best opportunity to learn about the tradition of wine production in Montenegro – this has been cherished here for centuries, combined with beauty of the scenery, traditional lifestyle, authentic rural ambience and traditional culture. There is also an opportunity to visit the wine cellar of the family Ukšanović, taste the best wine and enjoy the national specialties typical for our country.

Around 16:00 After the degustation of wine in Ukšanović vinery , we are going back to hotel.